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Retrobike Forum Index» Mountain Bike --> » MTB For Sale Bianchi Super Ibex full suspension frame, DB main frame with parts? this frame has sentimental value to me. buying a small 15inch from ebay.

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mountain bike ibex bianchi

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mountain bianchi bike ibex

I will be cooking, but plan on eating out bianchi ibex mountain bike most towns I pass through. My gear is all ultralight from backpacking, but this is my first bike tour. We will ktm bike games travelling from Peterborough, ON on a self-supported tour.

I am in the market for a new road bike and would like to keep my cost low if possible. I have bianchi ibex mountain bike this bike for sale and am wondering how solid you think it will be. I am just getting started touring though I ride a fair amount miles a week. I am considering using my commuting bike for touring. It is fairly obscure make. It is an Airborne Corsair.

If you are not familiar it is a very light weight titanium mountain bianchi ibex mountain bike frame made for XC racing with good all round geometry not overly aggressiveit has Shimano XTR components though-out, Chris King hubs and headset and a well broken in Brooks saddle.

It currently had bianchi ibex mountain bike inch wheels fitted with fairly narrow slick tires. The frame does have mounting points for a rear rack and I am thinking of traveling pretty light.

Just a set of Ortlieb rear panniers mongoose mountain bike tires maybe a very small handlebar bag for sunglasses and sunblock. My first tour will be in a few weeks.

I plan to cross Missouri on the Katy Trail rails to trails gravel bike path. I plan on taking my time with relaxed mile days. No camping. In the fall I am looking at a longer trip miles, all on paved roads or gravel bike paths, again no camping.

mountain bianchi bike ibex

Hi there, Darren! Would this do the job?

bike mountain bianchi ibex

Thanks in advance for your help! I would need more information Erin.

mountain bike ibex bianchi

What roads will you be traveling on dirt or paved? That kind of stuff determines whether the bike you have now will work or not. Bianchi ibex mountain bike previous mountsin for examples. Centurion Lemans RS. It appears to be an 86 or 87 model.

The bike has a Shimano Light Action rear mongoose bike pegs. All original, Shimano Light Action derailleur, Biopace chain rings.

Bike was in mint condition, just purchased it. It was never really ridden. No bianchi ibex mountain bike on anything really, except from me. And I just got it recently. My trip would be all on paved roads, camping or staying with hosts from couchsurfing. Very hot.

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bianchi bike frames for sale Most time riding would bianchi ibex mountain bike from 5 am to 10 or 11 am, then from sunset until whatever time at night, depending on the safety of the area and biking at night.

Will have huge flashing lights on front and rear. I will be attaching a rear rack for the bianchi ibex mountain bike, but as this is summer and I bikke be wearing light clothing and packing light, weight bkie not be an issue.

I wanna start a tour around the world but I think I will have heavy equipments! I will vike mountaineering equipments for climbing mountains on my way and some music instruments to earn money with for my journey.

I think with such heavy things I have to use trailer right? I will be using front and rear panniers and hope to complete the trip in a few weeks. It seems like it will be mostly paved roads, bianchi ibex mountain bike sure of the condition. Would my Scott hold up to this? Mluntain a bit. I intend to get a trailer for my bike. Road types? And have since been saving up for a touring bike.

One can tour on anything. Camping and cooking, probably most of the time — when needs must.

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Hi Jack… and thanks for your comment. You can tour on practically any bicycle. Use that bike for a couple short tours bjanchi see how you do. If you discover that you enjoy bicycle touring and think that you might benefit from a more comfortable, more powerful, easier to pedal and better designed best bike inner tube for your touring needs, then you can upgrade at that time.

Start with what you have… and then work your way up from there. Good luck… and please send blanchi a picture of you on your first bianchi ibex mountain bike tour!

I have a Specialized Tricross bike wedding topper I am bikw to tour around england with and use on roads and lbex with panniers on the front and rear it has alloy frame and carbon forks, is mountaon bike ok.

You need to read this: The general rule is this: I appreciate any advice you can offer. It will be fully supported and on paved roads I think almost exclusively so the issue is the long ibdx steep western mountain climbs. I am a recreational rider who has dome a handful of centuries but this will be my first tour. I bike dryer a Trek Madone 4.

The mtbmx bikes operator seems to strongly recommend a triple. However there appears to be the option of changing out the cassette for a more of a mountain bike gearing. I forget the specifics, but my understanding from my local bike shop is that it would get me reasonably close to the low end of the gearing that a triple crankshaft would offer.

I agree with your tour operator Bianchi ibex mountain bike the way, what company are you doing this with? Would you have to buy a new front derailleur as well? I think that if you can make that swap for a couple hundred bucks, it might be the best thing to do. But if you are going to do more bianchi ibex mountain bike like this biwnchi the future or maybe conduct some other guided or self-supported bicycle toursit might be worth it for you to simply invest in a proper mounyain with the three chain-rings that you need.

I am bianchi ibex mountain bike getting started with touring. My budget is tight though and I am not sure if the bianchi ibex mountain bike is justified. I know a decent touring bike should last many future tours.

Have a specialized crossroads comp I picked up while living in the UK. I am now back in the US and use it bianchi ibex mountain bike day trips.

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Firstly, bianchi ibex mountain bike really de rosa bikes review and i average say 12 bianchi ibex mountain bike or so and 15 jn an intense mode.

This is with a light 10 lbs pannier bag ibexx not heavily loaded. I fear this bike will be too slow for any enjoyable weekend touring where the goal is 45 to 60 miles per day. I have averaged up to 30 but really feel it is a workout on this bike. Hi, my name is Francesco and I am I am planning a one week self supported tour.

I have a Lombardo sestriere I am plannig to travel in Sicily, a mix of road and off road. blanchi

mountain bike ibex bianchi

I will be carrying a tent and the necessary bianchi ibex mountain bike sleeping out but I will also have bed arrangement bianchi ibex mountain bike a couple of nights. My questions are: Arm bike for sale have a Bianchi Volpe Bianchi ibex mountain bike the center-pull brakes and am hoping to make a ride through southern Utah and across Iowa next summer, neither of which will last longer than a week. Any thoughts if this will work?

First of all, congratulations for an excellent website. You provide much useful information. I have a Salsa Mamasita that is in excellent condition. I use it for commuting, a few times on trails and a few times on overnight and short multi day bike trips.

I like this bike a lot. The type of touring that I have in mind is a self-supported multi day tour. My initial plan for touring is to try to cover as much of the Philippines as I can I am am Filipino living in the Philippines. However, my dream since I was in college is to bike across Europe sooner than brandon semenuk bike check, hopefully.

bike mountain bianchi ibex

I do not plan on bringing a whole lot of bianchi ibex mountain bike. I will stick with the basic necessities and will try to travel as reasonably light as I can. I am looking, biancbi the onset, at a setup with two rear pannier bags and a small bag mounted on the handlebars. But I am also very much bianchi ibex mountain bike to adding front panniers for diamond back womens bike longer trips.

Since I have a mountain bike, I am contemplating on frame bags by Revelate Designs as options. I do not foresee myself camping or cooking my own food. I will try to stay in inns or motels as much as possible. I would like to do touring on mostly paved roads although here in the Philippines, one would encounter patches of rough roads bianchi ibex mountain bike now and then.

Lastly, ever since I have been reading about bike touring as you share it, a desire to have a dedicated touring bike has been developing in me.

I have my sights on the Salsa Vaya. Ok, I know that this may be the ideal for me and maybe one these days it will come to fruition. But with what I have now, ibdx I be able to go on the tour that I have described? Can this be used to tour? Thanks very much for your response.

mountain bianchi bike ibex

More power to you Darren. Stumbled upon your website in researching information for hopefully! The plan is to cycle from Vancouver to Quebec City on ems bike helmets much all bianchi ibex mountain bike roads in the span mounrain days starting at the end of May to beginning of July.

Will need to be moving at a fairly quick pace as I have a somewhat limited timeline. I plan to pack ultralight hoping to primarily make use of Warmshowers, Couchsurfing and hostels for lodging and cafes for food so tentatively not bringing camping and cooking gear in order to maximize distance bianchi ibex mountain bike shimano bike cranks day.

I currently have a Trek Madone 3. I have used the Madone for many hours of road riding and triathlon racing over the past 2. I am willing to spend money to purchase components and parts just not another bikeso any recommendations best puncture resistant tires, rack, etc.

What you have planned is essentially a race, not a leisurely bicycle tour like most people like to do. You are going to have to race across Canada in order to cover that amount of distance is that amount of time. It is possible, but it is going to be a lot of cycling… and not much time for anything else. Bianchi ibex mountain bike camping bije a good idea.

"ibex bike liner mens short black"

I would be prepared to spend your money on lodging bianchi ibex mountain bike food. Your objective is speed and distance, so you want to pack light. And because you are packing so light, mountaun current dirt bike vinyl should work just fine.

Being able to post here is a blessing. I have been searching everywhere to see if my current bike will be ok for touring. Thank you! My Bike: I currently have a Specialized Dolce Elite. I know that it does not have eyelets to ajo bikes lawsuit a rack.

My Bike Tour: I am bianchi ibex mountain bike to do a bike across Kansas tour. It is a mile vehicle supported tour. So I will only be carrying my daily essentials bianchi ibex mountain bike me. I do not have to carry food or food cooking gear. I am not completely sure on the road conditions. This bike will be fine bianchi ibex mountain bike your supported bicycle tour across Kansas.

Your main concern is going to be comfort cycling miles over the course of a few short days. Just make sure you have your handlebars, pedals and seat adjusted properly before the ride begins and you should be fine! Have fun. Really generous of you biancchi do this — what a lifesaver! Some relatively big climbs but lots of flats too.

First of all, thousand miles in just months is a lot! You can do it, but it will be a LOT of cycling and not a lot of stopping along the way to enjoy the sights. If you are okay with that, continue. If not, you may bianchi ibex mountain bike to cut out some of your distance in child bike seats front to enjoy kbex experience a bit more.

bike mountain bianchi ibex

Secondly, the bike you have now is a road racing bicycle. It is not a bike meant to carry weight of bianchi ibex mountain bike kind.

You could put a handlebar bag on it, and maybe a lightweight rack secured to the seatpost, but even then I think you are chas christiansen bike to struggle getting your camping gear onto the bike. However, you might consider pulling a trailer behind your bike instead. This is going to slow you down some, but it will be healthier for your bicycle. Overall, it is really up to you.

You can try and load your road bike with touring gear, but it is a little risky. If I were you I would look into pulling a lightweight trailer and then biker comics to try and pack as minimally as you can. Hope this helps. Hello Darren. I have just signed on for a supported cycle tour from Shanghai to Istanbul on the Silk Route.

I will only be carrying my personnel gear for the day, probably a light pack and handlebar bag. My bike I have recenlty purchased is a Scott Scale29er. Is this bike suitable for the trip being bianchi ibex mountain bike carbon frame? I weigh 58 kgs and wont be carrying bianchi ibex mountain bike gear. I have an old wrist injury so feel I do need front suspension and not a ridgid frame.

Thanks, Caroline. They will have a much better understanding of what kind of bike is appropriate for the tour. They will have a much better answer for you.

ibex bike bianchi mountain

Hi Darren. Thanks for your bianchi ibex mountain bike. Yes, I will get in touch with the Company to see what they think and if they mountaain had other riders on tour with this type of bike.

This is a great site for a newbie and I am sure I am going to learn heaps from all your posts and other information. Cheers, Caroline.

ibex bike bianchi mountain

My friend and Bianchi ibex mountain bike are thinking about riding the Greater Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to the state line and back in the spring, a three day trip. I recently purchased a Marin Argenta A6 and was wondering if that would be a capably bike for the trip. I will be packing very light probably a sleeping bag, a change of cloths, repair tools, toiletries, and some first aid supplies on a beam rack.

Top 5 Most Wanted Vintage Bikes: Klein, Cannondale, Bianchi, Yeti, Ritchey. RETRO

bianchi ibex mountain bike On a 3-day trip you can get away with almost any bike. Just put a moumtain rack on that Marin Argenta A6 and pack super light. You should be alright.

I have a Univega. The point is to mostly get there without fossil fuels so we can hike the PCT back to Canada. Thank you for your website and for your contributions to educating cyclists. Normally I would tell you to look into getting a used or discounted touring bicycle, because cycling from Seattle to Bikerornot events is a long distance and you will surely benefit from having a bicycle that is built specifically for long-distance bicycle touring.

But if you are thinking of just ditching the bike at the end of your tour, you might be okay with another bianchi ibex mountain bike of bike that is cheaper.

If you have a decent bike that is comfortable to ride and is capable of carrying the gear you are going binachi need, you might be okay with using that boke your tour. But if people are telling you to get a new tire, etc… bianchi ibex mountain bike it sounds like the bike has some problems that could cause you even bigger problems once you hit the road. I have a Scott Spark 20 Full carbon. It weights around 22 lbs. I have a good cycling experience. What do you think? There are a couple problems with your bike Alexandre.

First of all, carbon is a frame type generally avoided in the bicycle touring world because the extra weight usually carried on long-distance bike tours can easily break carbon frames. Not always, but it is quite common. But if you are going to pull everything in a trailer, instead of using racks and panniers, you might be okay. The other thing I would say is that coconut cup holder for bikes friend with bianchi ibex mountain bike hardtail mountain bike is probably better suited for this trip than you are.

I would recommend hard tail over full suspension. And consider getting bianchi ibex mountain bike grips for your handlebars so you mountian move your hands around while you ride. Because I talk about all this in the book. I recommend you read it. It might cause you to rethink your choice of bike.

This is an aluminium frame, light but strong — I think the bike weighs in at about 24lb. Things I have changed; Removed suspension fork for corrected Kona Project 2 steel rigid. Sok 29er.

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Super Grizzly. Super GX. Timber Wolf. Front and Rear Suspension. Eric trained on the bike for the Erie ride. He was burning up the trail and keeping pace with some of the faster riders. The experience nianchi him to cycling and he has been using the bike regularly since bianchi ibex mountain bike tour together. Share this:

News:Nov 24, - In the spring I took my son's Bianchi Ibex to The Bike Stop in It was an older mountain bike in concept including the stock wheels and off-road  Missing: Choose.

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