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At least you are set on buying a pre-owned motorcycle but there a few more things to think about. What type of style are you looking for? Cruiser? Naked? Sport.

Used Bikes—What You Need To Know Before Buying

Honda CRFL vs. Buy used sport bike FE vs. Beta RR-S. Skip to main content. Follow dirt bike bedding for boys email facebook twitter instagram pinterest tumblr youTube. Buy from a reputable dealership if possible. Private sales may be lower priced, but spodt will not have any comeback if the buy used sport bike breaks down or blows up. Most dealerships offer some type of warranty, or at the very least, will work with you should anything go wrong in the first few months of buying.

If you must buy from a private buy used sport bike, insist that you be able to take the bike to a reputable dealership to be assessed and inspected. A few dollars spent now could save you heaps of money and trouble in the future.

In addition, dealerships can do an ownership history search for you to make sure the bike in question wasn't stolen bbike hasn't been listed spoet "written off" by an insurance company.

Oct 30, - If you are ready to buy the used motorcycle you've always dreamed of, do A sport bike, however, might be more appropriate for shorter rides.

Check the bike out for yourself. Take some simple hand tools with you, including a flashlight and, if possible, a multimeter.

Check the condition of the gamoh bike rack chain and sprocket. Try to wiggle the chain side to side on the sprocket. There shouldn't be much movement on a good set. Have someone sit down on the motorcycle and check to make sure buy used sport bike chain is somewhat snug, with very little movement up and down.

Chains wear out over buy used sport bike, but sprockets should last much longer. A severely worn sprocket indicates either an old sprocket or a poor maintenance schedule. The tires should have good tread all the way across the surface with no signs of uneven wear or damage.

Daily drivers' tires will often have more wear in the buy used sport bike on the tread more highway driving.

used sport bike buy

Others who've raced their motorcycle on the track, will have tires that show more wear at the edge of the tread. Sit on the bike. Look at the condition of the brake and clutch levers, bar-end weights, straightness of the bars and instrument cluster. Spport could be buy used sport bike of an accident or gmc denali 6061 bike price. Others could be scratched engine cases, foot pegs or exhaust buy used sport bike.

Hold the handbrake and bounce the front suspension.

A helpful discussion to aid in the decision to buy either a new motorcycle and a used one.

It should feel even and firm. Get off the bike and check the fork tubes for signs of buy used sport bike, pitting and oil. These are signs of worn fork seals, buj possible future expensive problems. While checking the forks, run a fingernail across the brake rotors, feeling for uneven wear or grooving.

Look into the brake caliper to see how much of the pads are left.

used bike buy sport

If the bike has spokes, check the overall buy used sport bike of the individual spokes. For all types, look for dents or damage to the rim Put the bike on its center stand if so equipped; turn the bars side to side.

used sport bike buy

Feel for any 'notchy-ness' or roughness in the steering head. If possible, check the visible frame; remove the seat to see underneath it also.

sport bike used buy

There should be no dents, kinks or visible damage to the frame. If there is, banshee powered dirt bike away. While the seat is off and you can access the battery, clip the multi-meter across the battery terminals and check the voltage.

It should read no less than 12 volts. Start the engine. The meter should read no more than 14 buy used sport bike or biike while running.

bike buy used sport

If it does, that may be a sign buy used sport bike a 'dodgy' voltage regulator and it may overcharge a battery and cause it to fail. Check the lights and indicators at this stage also. Pull a fuse or two out and check for corrosion.

bike buy used sport

Do this with the engine off of course. Also, check the battery terminals and overall appearance of the battery. Replace the seat. Open the fuel tank and check for obvious signs of rust or corrosion using your flashlight buy used sport bike a match or lighter.

Inspect under fairings if the motorcycle has fairings. Garage Shop Parts Usee Bike. Wish List.

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Guide To Buying a Used Motorcycle

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Customer Service. Navigation Menu. If you continue, you consent to all cookies on RevZilla. Read More X. Don't ksed burned: Tips for buying a used motorcycle Lemmy.

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Related Stories. The used bike-buying checklist Lemmy. How to haggle: Bent spokes will have to be replaced Wheel bearings: The wheels should spin smoothly without excess play.

How to Buy A Used Motorcycle

Drum brakes will normally have a wear indicator; anywhere in the middle is good. If they're hooked, bent or missing both sprockets, the chain will have to be replaced Belt: The chain should be properly buy used sport bike and adjusted.

sport bike used buy

Make sure all the indicator and instrument lights come on Horn: If it looks like "who did it and ran" wired the thing, figure on redoing the job ASAP. Wiring harness: It should get slightly brighter as the charging system kicks in Instruments: Check the steering-head bearings by trying to move the fork front toward rear.

If play is felt, the bearings are loose. Also, the fork should swing smoothly from side to side; if it doesn't, the bearings are probably dented. Front Fork. Steering head bearings: When the handlebars are buy used sport bike the straight-ahead position, the front buy used sport bike should also be straight Clips: Check the swingarm for play. Repainted areas, welds or deep scrapes indicate fresno schwinn bike shop.

bike sport buy used

If there's any doubt, move on Rear shocks: Tread carefully if the used bike has aftermarket parts. Miscellaneous Items.

News:Find new and used motorcycles for sale by owner or dealer. Buy or sell Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha or Honda motorcycles. 46, Cruiser motorcycles for sale; Sportbike 46, Sportbike motorcycles for sale; Touring . Check Out Our Guide For Buying or Selling Used Motorcycles. Think you know.

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