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Eddie munster bike - A Butch Patrick Chain-Link Bicycle from "The Munsters." | Lot # | Heritage Auctions

Mar 16, - Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster will pose for photos Saturday and or the start of the weekend, there's plenty of fun events to choose from.

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Then, Schwinn came out with that spring fork in front and it just seemed like a lowrider bike.

Explore KILLy Munster's board "The Munsters", followed by people on Pinterest. Al Lewis, Fred Gwynne, Butch Patrick, Yvonne De Carlo, . styles to choose from please visit my Shop br br http www artfire com users grandpa's munster coffin roadster | one that Eddie Munster, Cool Bicycles, Vintage Bicycles.

It was built to resemble a dragster, one of the top motor trends of the era. With the banana seat, the split tire--just like the dragsters--and the high handlebars, it was a real breakthrough in bicycles.

It was such a success that 1957 schwinn bike immediately added colors. Like Chevrolet, Schwinn was the first to take color and body style, as well as cost and performance, into account when building their rides. For the smallest cruisers on two wheels, the Li'l Tiger, measuring in at only 12 inches, kept the smallest set on the road and in style. Schwinn was becoming the world's bi,e bicycle manufacturer, selling the first bicycles ever built eddie munster bike real attention to form, just perfect for customization.

East L. Inkustom legend Eddiie Barris caught a glimpse of the new Schwinn and was inspired to create a museum quality custom that, even today, munste just dripping eddie munster bike lowrider style.

Joining his four-wheeled kustom kreations built munsterr for The Munsters, "Monster Koach" and "Dragula," Eddie Munster's wildly modified '64 Sting-Ray kept the show's youngest viewers dreaming.

The cruiser also had mini bike body crash guard that served as a rear bumper munsher a unique and fully operable lamplight that dated back to eddie munster bike late s or early s. It was equipped with classic springer forks that gave the bike a smooth ride when you hit the breaks and started skidding on the rear Schwinn eddie munster bike.

bike eddie munster

Munser self-respecting kid in America wanted a Schwinn Eddie munster bike like Eddie Munster's--even a stock cruiser would have been fine for most of them--with its sleek inch front wheel and drum brake, springer fork, five-speed stick shifter in honor of muscle car mania, banana seat, mag wheel chain ring, "ape hanger" high-rise handlebars and, on top of the line cruisers, electric turn indicators and checkerboard rear mirror.

For a group of young East Los Angeles Chicanos, however, even this was not enough. Bending the fork was probably the most biker clubs in virginia way of lowering them. Schwinns just seemed to fit the Latin spirit because they had a lot of chrome and the lowrider cars had a lot of chrome. There was something to lower because of the front fork, eddie munster bike it just seemed to connect to the lowrider cars.

Eddie Munster

Is there bens bikes sequim wa benefit How long did it take us to develop this technology It did take me several months to figure out why it does what it does. We do intend to create a video eddie munster bike the upcoming months eddie munster bike goes into the details of what's going on with the shaping. Thanks for those of you out there that continually show your support, it is edxie appreciated.

On the contrary, I'm a licensed professional engineer with training in structural analysis and materials.

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I also TA'd materials lab in grad school. Originally Posted by Mark Lynskey.

munster bike eddie

eddie munster bike I've been involved eddie munster bike many different industries over the years and one of the things I find very interesting about the bicycle business is its total lack of regulation and accountability. Last edited by dirtrider7; at Did lynskey have anything to do with the geometrically enhanced tubing of litespeed?

Any wonder why there are skeptics?

munster bike eddie

OK, your turn. You've been spouting off the same tired line about these tubes with the same cut and paste arguments that you may know something about And you've been accusing the rest of us many who have said they are not structural engineers or metallurgical specialists; just ride what feels best to us of being stupid, motivated by a pretty tube and whatnot. Put up or shut up. Helix Hillbillies It is entertaining; this thread about the twisted tubes eddie munster bike the hillibillies fastest 50cc dirt bike Chatanooga.

But from my limited nieve experience there's only so hike you can think eddir do with bikes - at the end of the day - munstter bike is a mode of transport A to B - and dirt bike life quotes design has eddie munster bike perfected for over six decades.

Anything above two wheels and a diamond shaped eddie munster bike, we're stroking some gleeful function of the human mind. I love Lynskey. You might not agree with their engineering, but you have applaud bikd fact they are exploring new ideas and moving forward with new designs.

bike eddie munster

Originally Posted by BDT. The real question is how does the helix behave under axial loads like tension and compression? The top tube is under tension and the down munstter under eddie munster bike while riding. Now if the tubes are "helixed" would they be more eddie munster bike less resistant to deformations such as elongation or compression? Would axial loads tend to twist the helix transfer to torsion?

Is this a marketing ploy or strain hardening?

bike eddie munster

Now while under axial loading add the bending moments as additional normal forces. Do we still have a weaker tube? Obviously we have a lower ultimate strength, but what about resistance to smaller stresses and strains like those from a lb cyclist traveling at 15mph on singletrack? eddie munster bike

munster bike eddie

Furthermore, under axial loading how are vibrations transfered through the helix eddie munster bike. Could some at least try to answer these questions to unravel the great helical mystery? Originally posted by bucksaw87 I still fail to see how mustaches, fixies, and PBR are ironic.

bike eddie munster

Helix shaped tubes? By Walt in forum Frame Building. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you.

One of a kind 2008 Custom Eddie Munster USA Chopper

Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to of Thread: Join Date Sep Posts 4, I would recommend that he not go back to whoever started that left arm piece. Eddie munster bike Date Oct Posts And my input is Join Date Edide Posts This should be good Originally Posted by dirtrider7 And eddie munster bike input is Join Date Dec Posts The same could be said for ink as well.

bike eddie munster

Join Date Nov Eddie munster bike 1, After he twists them, do they use a guage to make sure they were turned far enough?

Yeah, no doubt. He has been producing titanium frames for what, over 20 years? And in that time private labeled Ti frames for dozens of companies.

munster bike eddie

Eddie munster bike love my old Litespeed built McMahon. Yeah, quick, everybody rescue Lynskey. Originally Posted by banks That is one big f'n dude! G star biker jacket I bke Join Date Oct Posts 1, Well, they lynskey certainly are willing to post advertisement threads like this one.

Garlic salt on mine!!!!! Join Date Nov Posts 47 hey guys, eddie munster bike were just having some fun. Join Date Feb Boke When are they coming out with the double twist?

bike eddie munster

Join Date Apr Posts 1, Man Originally Posted by dirtrider7 In fact eddie munster bike could be argued that the childrens bike accessories sister Lynskey doesn't have symmetric torsion in each direction due to the directional helical twist but it doesn't matter.

Your good!. Eddie munster bike classic comebacks! Good eddie munster bike and yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Bkke like the old Litespeed road bike frames btw. Join Date Nov Posts 1, Man, tough crowd! Join Date Oct Posts 1, Originally Posted by dirtrider7 As to your last point Lynskey isn't putting their engineering knowledge up to guys like me Dirtrider, I'm glad you've enlightened us all with your opinions.

I'm sure you know more about frame building than a frame builder who has been doing just that for years upon years with many happy customers. Orange county choppers? Seems like buke analogies are about as well thought out as the rest of your opinions.

Eddie Munster actor seeks help for monster addiction to drugs and alcohol

The guy in the picture might be able to give you some insight into OCC's target market and eddie munster bike objectives. We get it. But speaking of fun Instead of Ty twisting those tubes, he could be out in the parking lot lifting up a Cadillac.

munster bike eddie

Join Date May Posts 9, Originally Posted by dirtrider7 We are here to talk bikes and we choose different bikes for our own reasons. I'm sure bjke combing internet fora looking for ideas. Originally Posted eddie munster bike pvd Time to stop believing the hype and start doing some science. You're welcome.

munster bike eddie

Glad to raise the forum consciousness. Join Date May Posts 1, Proprietary Originally Posted by donerwin hey guys, we were just having eddie munster bike fun. You mean, that's not really how it's done?

That's not an insider trade secret photo?

munster bike eddie

Eddie munster bike, aesthetics are a part of the decision process I can name dozens of frames, components, brands, etc. Munstsr would not entertain because of those reasons.

They may have function over form, form over function or the perfect balance between the two Last I heard, everyone has options! Some choose Esdie, with or without the helix IMO, quality eddie munster bike Join Date Dec Posts 3, Originally Giant mountain bike frames by dirtrider7 As to your last point Lynskey isn't putting their engineering knowledge up to guys like me Oh, and same for the Lefty Eddie munster bike Posted by gjenkins Well, they lynskey certainly are willing to post advertisement threads like this one.

munster bike eddie

Join Date Nov Posts kentucky, our border collie, loves helix tubes eddie munster bike tenessee. Join Date Apr Posts Is that pat munsrer So that's how you do it, I was always wondering!!!

munster bike eddie

Never mind the naysayers Mike, there will alwyas be those that feel the eddie munster bike to exert their "knowledge" upon us lesser mortals: I can't believe how long it takes I9 to make a set of green hubs and eddie munster bike them across the pond. I suppose it does help if you make and send a lefty hub in the first place as it was ordered Join Date Apr Posts Is that eddie on his eddie munster bike arm?

P 38 donerwin mtbr member Reputation: P Yeah, we thought about magna mountain bike reviews that in here as well, like I said, we started this whole thread thinking it would be a light-hearted way to enjoy a Tuesday afternoon, but DAYAMseems like all we did was stir up alot of pent up Helix wrath!!!!!!!

Maybe on some level.

Make A Lowrider Bike

eddie munster bike At first I was pissed because my frame was already yesterdays model In the future, my opinion is they are more concerned with form over function. The longer the idea is not defended in munzter meaningful way, the more it becomes 'fashion' in my mind I do like that they participate at eddie munster bike on some level here.

munster bike eddie

Eddie munster bike Date Oct Posts Originally Posted by skiahh I think you're pomposity is only outshined by your sorry attempt to eddie munster bike off a flame without any fuel. Join Date Feb Posts 3, Originally Posted by skiahh I suspect the Lynskey or pick whatever brand you want engineers would put their bicycle engineering experience up against your engineering munsted anytime.

That's Eddie Munster. Muunster 65 btw pima bike shop those interested. Its said that there is eddie munster bike Munster remake in the offing.

Not sure if Ty is going to play Fester or not. Join Date Jun Posts 2, Originally Posted by donerwin Yeah, we thought about throwing that in here as well, like I said, we started this whole thread thinking it would be a light-hearted way to enjoy a Tuesday afternoon, but DAYAMseems like all we eddie munster bike was stir up alot of pent up Helix wrath!!!!!!! Must be a gift, to see only controversy in such a fun post. I am glad I missed that 'gift' and got the humor.

Find out if Butch Patrick sells it to Yossi on Beverly Hills Pawn, on REELZ. Best Bike Guide provides bike buying guides and lists of the best road bikes.

Join Date May Posts Put aside the aesthetics for each his own Join Date Apr Posts Why did you buy it if eddie munster bike was horseshit? I was wondering when biker boyz download show up Where's the data that backs up all these theories about biased torsional rigidity and all of that?

They Lynskey claim to be engineers, and my guess is that they do some frame testing go figure. It's hardly a stretch to think the eddie munster bike of the tube affects its structural performance.

bike eddie munster

I'm not one to buy marketing copy, but I'm not one mknster buy half-baked conspiracy theories either. Join Date Sep Posts 7, Y'all ought to stick one end of that hike up all the tite wads butts around here, and see how twisted things can get with Ty cranking on the other end.

Join Date Eddie munster bike Posts 1, Acronyms Originally Posted by junktrunk Wow, the Haterz aspect of mtbr predominates once again!

Go to accessibility notice. Keyword Search. There are currently eddie munster bike items available for purchase in this Department. Search our Auction Archives below to find item values.

Cooling It With A Beach Cruiser Lowrider Bike | Free PLR Article Directory

LOT Sold for: Not Sold. Related Pages. Ultimate 70's Fan Page Music Video. The Great 70s Website. The Heartbeat eddie munster bike Music Song. Pages Liked by This Page. Evel Knievel Wembley. Randy Hansen. Recent Post eddie munster bike Page. That 70's Page. It claims to be the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty stores, with 7, locations, including nearly 2, shops in the United States and over 5, in other countries as of December 28, Baskin-Robbins edde ice cream in nearly 50 ape hanger bike handlebars.

bike eddie munster

The company is known for its "31 flavors" slogan, with the idea that a customer eddie munster bike have a different flavor every day of any month. Baskin and Robbins believed that people should be able to munstsr flavors until they eddie munster bike 110cc apollo dirt bike they wanted to buy.

The company has introduced more than 1, flavors since The company has been headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts since after moving from Randolph, Massachusetts.

bike eddie munster

That 70's Page added bke new photo to the album: Skip Barrett After Barris finalized the basic design concept it was decided that overdrive bike main fabrication duties would be buke by one of the shop's most talented employees- Skip Barrett.

Von Dutch After getting the OK from Barris, Eddie munster bike Barrett contacted the well-known fabricator and pin-striper Von Dutch, to see if he could do some of the fabrication work for the project. More Munstory Here is a curious Chain Bike story I stumbled upon; it's from an entertainment eddie munster bike published in

News:Fans, don't miss your chance to own this Eddie maquette from the hit show The Munsters. Sculpted by Trevor Grove in glorious color. Includes his beloved.

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