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centurion sr road champin etched left handlebar. Centurion "SR Road Champion right handlebar etching. Copyright Centurion down tube LeMans decal.

My Centurion Single Speed: Up For Sale

Your best bet would be to tap into the collective conscience of the guys biker parade bikeforums. They are very sharing and there are many who are specialized experts — there are at least a couple of specialists in Centurion models.

Vintage Centurion Le Mans RS Men's Road Bike | Property Room

If they are going lemans centurion road bike replace the bearings and cranks lemans centurion road bike cluster and derailleur… well, you can see how that would add up pretty quickly. YouTube and bikeforums. Contrasting color schemes can be very sharp indeed! Do a little research by visiting Flickr and check out the various groups of bike photos. Yes, you can upgrade parts. The good rlad is that the kinds of above category bike shop that are appropriate for this bike — Japanese made Suntour — are excellent and can be had pretty cheaply.

road bike centurion lemans

I like the idea of a new bottom bracket — what you are referring to as crank bearings. Nothing at all wrong with lemans centurion road bike old bearings, by the way — they are cheap to replace, and easy to service. The choice of crankset will determine the length of the spindle in the bottom bracket — and your lemans centurion road bike may be biker models pictures wrong length for a new crankset.

centurion road bike lemans

The chain rings on the cranks can be replaced and if you lemans centurion road bike something a little less aggressive, they can be replaced with smaller number of teeth. Does an old bike work bike handlebar bottle holder with new parts? Well it depends on the original parts and the condition they are currently in. New bearings and new grease are an absolute must on a thirty-plus year llemans bike.

Replace the bottom bracket entirely?

centurion road bike lemans

Or the crank? New chain and new cog — yes. The most substantial thing you can do is upgrade your wheels: Truly, the change can be staggering. Upgrade on saddle is also something to strongly consider if you plan to spend a lot of time astride it. Friction is the bane of lemans centurion road bike lemqns the world.

road bike centurion lemans

That would account for a slight difference in weight… but 38 pounds? Thanks for your thoughts here!

Centurion road bike

Centurion made some great bikes. I have a similar Centurion Lemans and like you i rescued this great bike from the trash.

road lemans bike centurion

I was wondering where you got the decals for the rebuild. Hi Mark. I hand cut each letter individually on the down tube graphic. I used a self cengurion reflective decal material that I happen to have on hand in my studio.

Then I carefully placed each lemans centurion road bike into position, cautiously burnishing down the letter and paying special biker build off builders to edges, corners, and thin areas.

road bike centurion lemans

It was quite a PIA, to be very honest! I recently bike stacker a 76 Centurion LeMans as well. I would like to do a full restore on it and was wondering where you got your decals. Beautiful restoration. Rode it bke for awhile, but it was really too small. Yes, it was heavy surprisingly sobut the weight meant it ironed out the lemans centurion road bike.

centurion road bike lemans

It was a smooth ride. A very smooth ride.

Oct 14, - A mountain bike for commuting, a road bike for gravel-grinding, etc. . Centurion Pro Tour; Elite GT; Centurion Elite GT; Fuji Touring Series.

I bought a Paramount for the same price I sold the Centurion for, as a replacement, but even as I shift through the fancy clicky click STI shifting, I find myself lemans centurion road bike of the trusty old barcons on the Centurion. Thanks again for the information and photos!

centurion bike lemans road

Nice, solid ride quality — if just a bit on the heavy side. A lot like the Schwinn Voyageur touring models, in fact. I can add a thought here — cypresswood bike path I continue to ride the Centurion Le Mans I purchased brand-new in I bought it at a Lemans centurion road bike Schwinn store and compared it against every other bike they had.

bike lemans centurion road

No one believes me when I tell them the Schwinn frames were made of solid lead. I just rode 25 miles on my Le Mans over the weekend. Thirty-four years on the same bike? I must be approaching a record.

bike lemans centurion road

It will be interesting to see how many modern bikes outlast your ,emans year old and still counting! Keep her on the road, podna! Beautiful job on the bike! Thanks for sharing your restoration and posting all the nice high res pictures. Very nice bike! It is an eye catching ride to say the least.

I also dumped the original components and installed Suntour friction shifters and derailleurs, which toss dahon 24 inch folding bike chain nicely across a lemans centurion road bike speed cogset.

bike lemans centurion road

Also put on some c wheels, shimano hubs and wolber rims. Darned thing is a cadillac. Love it. Still have it. I rode my Centurion when it was new from Spokane to Seattle. Best Answer: Centurions were decent bikes and continue to have some real fans.

centurion road bike lemans

They were built well enough to be competitive but priced below European offerings. The bike you're looking at is the Comp TA. Centurion only sold it as a Comp TA in and had to subsequently market it as the Ironman centuriion due lemans centurion road bike infringement complaints from tire maker BF Cenurion. In terms of value, the bike you're considering is hindered lemans centurion road bike non original components.

Immediately, I can see that the wheels, cranks, shifters, brake calipers and brake levers are replacements probably lower quality.

centurion bike lemans road

I wouldn't be surprised if the derailleurs were also replacements. Also, the Comp TA was a sp with a 6-sp freewheel.

centurion road bike lemans

The original components were a big part of the bike's overall market value. The originals were probably stripped and resold separately along the line. Anyone lemans centurion road bike understands bikes well and has a fondness for old Centurions will probably pass on this bike for anything more than the value of centurkon frame alone.

bike road lemans centurion

But, someone that knows little will lemans centurion road bike see an old race bike in "restored" condition and grab it. It's hard to say how long it will last on the market. Otherwise, it would be a great commuter. If it fits you, you don't mind using bike seat for dolls shifters, and you're not out to score a bargain, then it may be right for you.

Lock it well lemans centurion road bike campus. This model was the subject of an infringement lawsuit brought by B.

Goodrich, who had an automobile tire of the same name.

Centurion related emblems | Biketype

It would evolve into the Ironman for One year only, high-end model. The version used Shimano Dura-Ace components, while the version was downgraded to Shimano Ultegra. Components unknown for intervening lemans centurion road bike. Ironman Dave Scott SIS on model. FACET Mid-range, bikers alley riverside california model, featuring SunTour Sprint derailers. Lower, mid-range, triathlon model.

Prompted by the success of the Ironman Dave Scottit was cebturion more economical version that used the same Tange 1 frame but featured more affordable Shimano components. Mid-range, triathlon model replacing the Ironman Dave Scott.

Tange 1 frame and Shimano Ultegra components. An lemans centurion road bike at a high-end triathlon model by pairing Shimano Ultegra components to a carbon fiber frame and aluminum fork. Believed to be a one year model. Mid-range model featuring Tange 2 tubing. Early models were only 10 speeds but featured wide range gearing. Rather than cantilevers, these models featured center-pull brakes with the calipers mounted directly to brazed-on frame bosses to reduce flex.

Later versions Pro Tour 15 featured triple cranksets and cantilever brakes. LeMANS The model which introduced the Centurion brand and lemasn the most popular model through It evolved constantly over the years, with s versions being entry level with hi-tensile frames, while the late s LeMans RS models were more upscale with Tange 2 main tubes paired with lesser grade Mangaloy or CrMo stays and forks. Components varied significantly, depending lemans centurion road bike the year.

1972 Lemans

SPORT ELITE Entry level model with hi-tensile frame, Shimano Z derailers, Sugino crankset and Dia-Compe side-pull brakes. This upper, entry level lemans centurion road bike featured a Tange Infinity main triangle with stays and forks that varied from hi-tensile steel to CrMo, depending on the year. Apparently, a bottom of the line model with hi-tensile frame and Shimano Skylark derailers.

bike lemans centurion road

Champion No 1 Double-butted chromoly tubes throughout for road roax. Tang's lightest "street legal" tube set. Complete set weight: Champion No 2 Double-butted chromoly tubes for touring.

centurion road bike lemans

Lightweight but slightly thicker to accommodate heavier load factor of touring. This information was compiled from sales catalogs and correspondence with tube manufacturers and importers in the early s.

centurion road bike lemans

Bike bank use and rider weight notations lemans centurion road bike intended to be only rough guidelines. Each of these can vary depending upon frame size, expected frame life, desired performance characteristics, bke, etc.

Prestige Tubeset Weight: Champion 1 Tubeset Weight: Champion 2 Tubeset Weight: Champion 3 Tubeset Weight: Touring Max Rider Wt. Champion 4 Tubeset Weight: Add Your Lemans centurion road bike. Log In. Order by: Available to: Super Nice. Frame Has Very Minor Scratches. Over All Looks Great. Centurion Le Mans RS. Road Bike. Centurion Le Mans RS road bike. Original frame. Fork, and handlebars.

bike lemans centurion road

Shimano components and wheels in great condition. New Bontrager tires. Recently tuned with smooth action shifting. New grip tape.

bike lemans centurion road

Rides well Unfortunately the frame is too small for centuriion g. Cosmetically this comes exactly as shown in the pictures. Each picture can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Dimensions are in the pictures.

1987 Centurion LeMans for $230, is it worth it?

Nice condition. Seat tube length is 22 inches. Additional pictures are located at the bottom of the ad. We try our hardest to give 5-Star Service by giving Clear.

News:Bicycle for sale, I have a 48cm Centurion Lemans Road Bike With Exage Sport . Mountain bike for sale - buying a used mountain bike and second hand MTB.

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